Organized Crime

I am pretty sure we are like all large IT shops.  Not all that different than the Five Families.  Each family has it’s own interests at heart and will in fact “kill” a good idea to preserve those interests.

I had a really good discussion with our Operations Manager this afternoon. His vision is spot on with my own. His job is to “keep the lights on” and my job is to “install the dimmer switch.”

At first glance, those objectives seem to be mutually exclusive, but that doesn’t represent the reality of the world we live in. Every time I introduce a change to the Production Environment, we both share a common risk, that is the Customer is going to call if something is broken. They don’t particularly care if it’s because of a software bug or some server failed. They care that it’s broken and they desire (demand) that we remedy it pronto.

Now back to the “bosses”…

There is an inheirent risk and resultant organizational trauma to change. In particular, when the change is to the organization itself. We’ve been toying with this notion of setting up an Competency Center for Integrated Justice. Sure, we’ve got one of those for SAP and that is the only way to go, right?

That works until you bring Q/A into the mix…


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